There are many more but these are the handles whose Tweets I most consistently find myself clicking on:


@vacanti – founder of Yipit

@thulme – founder of OpenIDEO and UK based Angel Investor

@sama – founder of Loopt

@paulg – founder of ViaWeb and Y-Combinator

@cdixon – founder of Hunch and SiteAdvisor, and early stage investor

@kul – founder of TagStand

Cool early stage guys in the UK

@hailpixel – founder of Lyst, a cool Ldn based online fashion site

@uniquejosh – founder of Minute Box, social marketplace for real-time advice

@mattjackrob – I find myself agreeing with everything this guy has to say


@mashable – great for tech trends

@techcrunch – good to keep on top of the tech startup scene

@tceurope – great for the European startup scene

@fredwilson – good insight into what VCs expect from you and the kind of value they can bring to your business

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